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Thinking About Becoming A Member?

E-Mail us at:


How to Join the Valley Vettes
1. Membership in the club is restricted to Corvette owners.
2. Dues are to be paid annually by April 30.
  After April 30 you must pay a $5.00 Late Fee.
3. Club Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00pm

    See the Club Meetings page for location information.

New Member Dues
Single:  $62.00 for a single membership. This includes a welcome package and name badge.
               $74.00 for a dual membership. This includes a welcome package and two name badges.
                (On or after October 1st,  new membership fees are $32 for single & $44 for dual including name badges.)


Member Renewal Dues

Single:      $45.00 for single membership.

Dual:         $45.00 for single membership.    


Please make checks  payable to:     Valley Vettes
                                                             PO Box 2555
                                                       Appleton,  WI  54912


Click here for New/Renewal Membership Form


Club Liability Waver Form

This form must be signed so members can participate in club events.

Please print and sign the form.

Click here to download form

The Valley Vette Corvette Club is a non profit organization. 
Your dues help support:


Club insurance
Special Events
Summer picnic meetings
Club Birthday Party
Club Christmas Party
Valley Vette Newsletter
Valley Vette Website
Our Sunshine Fund (weddings, funerals, etc.)
Charitable contributions

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