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Club Event Survival Kit

Suggestions For Hosting An Event
The type of events can be Dinner Cruises, Mystery Cruises,

Christmas Party, Birthday Party and Road Rallys. Use your imagination to

come up with new events for club members.


Reminder that members must bring their own beverage of choice when


attending club events such as picnic meetings, birthday parties or any event

where commercial beverage purchase is not available.

Present your event idea to the Board for approval as soon as possible.

Once approved, send your event information to Pat Murray and Marty Garofalo.

Remember that Marty can send E-Mails for updated info and Pat can post you

new details on the wed as needed. Keep us informed!

What ?
When ?
Where ?

Planning a Dinner Cruise or Mystery Cruise Dinner Cruise

Let’s assume you will have between 18 to 20 cars. That could be between 36-40 people to plan on.
Physically go to the restaurant and talk to the individual(s) that would sign you up for a group.
               1 Can the restaurant handle 36-40 people at one time?
               2 Is there sufficient parking space for 18-20 cars?
               3 Members would prefer blacktop for surface parking.
               4 Would they want to use their current menu or possibly a limited menu?

               5 Would it make a difference what time the members arrive?
               6 Do they accept separate checks? This is a must. If no, do not make a reservation.


Now you need to set up your route
              1. Where will meet before your cruise? If you plan on going north, start on the north side of town.

              2 Make sure you are near restrooms. gas stations, parks and picnic areas for example.

                 Double check to make sure they are open!

                 Remember that during the run, the restroom stops take longer with the more people and cars you have so
                 allow extra time to get to your destination in time for your reservations.

              3. Members should have Walkie-Talkies set to the same channel before the cruise starts.

                  The lead car will notify members of turns. The last car will notify the lead car when all cars have made it

                  through a stop or if someone is having a problem.

                 With only 10 cars you may need only Walkie-Talkies in the lead and last car.

                 With more than 10 cars, the lead car can get so far ahead that the Walkie-Talkies cannot communicate.   

                 Select someone in the middle to transfer information back and forth.

              4. Try to avoid stop and go lights through cities. If that is the only way, make sure that the lead car safely waits on                    stretch of road not far from the city limits until you receive notification by last car that all members made it
                  through the lights.

                  With only 10 cars you may need only Walkie-Talkies in the lead and last car.

              5. Set your route on back roads. It is easier to keep cars together.













Setting up the Cruise or Road Rally

You will be writing down road names and where to turn. The time that it takes to run the cruise will not be the same as your practice run. Many more cars need to navigate through stop and go lights.
A rule of thumb can be: For every hour of cruising time, add at a minimum of 15 minutes. This will help you figure out the start time.
Try not to travel on gravel roads. If that is the only way, let members know ahead of time that a gravel road or under construction road will be coming up.
There have been instances where members have gotten lost on a
cruise. Print cruise directions, name and phone of the restaurant along with your cell number. Hand this out before the cruise at the drivers meeting. If the event is a mystery cruise, you may want to put the information in an sealed envelop.

Running the Cruise
1. Have a drivers meeting before the cruise

                 You do not need to tell them where they are ending up. Hand out instructions.

                  Mention the Buddy System.

             2. Check members names off the sign-up sheet. If a member did not show up on time, try to contacting them to

                  see if they are still coming.

             3. Stay within the speed limit. You will usually have someone not keeping up and they will slow

                 down others behind them.
             4. There is the Buddy Rule. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Check that the car behind you is still there. If that car is not  

                  there, pull a side and wait until they catch up. Use you Walkie-Talkies or cell phones to communicate.

                  When making a turn, make sure that the car behind you sees that you are turning. If not, wait. The car
                  in front of you should be doing the same, etc. etc.













Road Rally

Use the same information as above with these added ideas.

             1. The host/hosts should give out sheets with questions where members need to
                 fill in the answers.
             2. At the starting point a car would leave every 1 to 3 minutes.
             3. The following needs to be on the front of the road rally sheet:

Time Out __________________    Time In__________________    Mileage at start: ____________
Mileage at end: ____________     Driver: _________________      Navigator: ___________________
How many miles: __________    How long did the cruise take: ____________________


            4. Type up your notes for the Road Rally and then run it again to check for errors.

                You need to find the time it took and the number of miles ran.
                This info could be your tie breaker. The host is always right.
            5. On your final draft, find someone to run the route and fill in the answers. See
                how close they are to your time and answers etc.



Special Events like the Christmas Party and Birthday Party
Let the Board know that you will be hosting a event at least two months ahead of time. At this
time have a tentative plan for venue, meal, and entertainment. You will need to get the approval of the Board for

costs exceeding $100. This could include hall rental, food, entertainment, center pieces, door prizes, table cloths,

napkins, plates, silverware etc. Some of these items may be in the blue boxes that the Vice-President holds.
             1. One approved, make sure all the current details are posted in the newsletter and put on the web.

                 If you have chosen to have members furnish some of the food like desserts,
                 appetizers, salads, or casseroles, make sure that information is also included.
             2. The Christmas Party has historically been a fund raiser for the corvette club and other charities.


We hope this information helps you create your own event!
We would be happy to help you with any part to get your event going.


Penny Much              
Lyn Kaphingst            
Colleen Muelemans  

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