Past Events 2021

October 26     Ladies Luncheon

The ladies lunch started off with a group of 7 with lunch at Draft Gastro Pub in Appleton.  Lovely soap and lip balm gifts were provided to each attendee.  When our delicious lunch was finished 6 ladies participated in a private belly dancing lesson at Aurora's Apothecary.  Melissa AKA Ruby Stardust taught the belly dancing moves and we danced a small routine. 

Some of the ladies were more flexible than others.  I asked Ruby Stardust to pick the best dancer  but Ruby didn't just want to pick one.  Sue Meyers and Sharon Ziegler were awarded most flexible.  

Buddy 2.jpg
September 25            Buddy Cruise
Thanks to all who took part in the Buddy Cruise. We had a total of 9 Vettes with 9 members partnering with 7 Buddies, 16 in all. Thanks to the powers above for the great weather and safe run. The Cruise left Meijer in Appleton and drove some fairly scenic roads to Clintonville. In just a little over an hour we arrived at our first destination, the Four Wheel Drive museum. The museum curator gave us a very interesting and knowledgeable tour of the facility. Thanks to the museum for a fantastic time. They have some really unbelievable vehicles dating back to the early 1900’s. We left the museum and headed for our second destination Timeline Saloon and BBQ / Docs Harley Davidson and museum in Bonduel. Food was great, and Docs museum and artwork has to be seen to believe. From Docs
some of the group headed home while 5 of us headed to Black Creek for “What else” Ice Cream. That being said, to me, it was a a great day with great people and to me a great time. It was also great to spend some one on one time with my son.  Please note this was my first try at setting up a run. Learned a few things, especially to never leave  the start destination early. Left a member behind which was a mistake I won’t make again. My apologies to him again .
Buddy 1.jpg

September 18          Oconto Fly In
We left for the Oconto Fly In with six corvettes and beautiful skies from Appleton and upon entering Seymour we picked up three more cars with Dave leading the way.  It just couldn't have been a better day with breeze and the sunshine in our faces.  Some of us went to the flight lines to see the planes and others walked among the cars.  Enjoying the crafts, food trucks and each others
company the day just flew by.  In the afternoon they had remote controlled flying planes in all shapes and sizes.  From our lawn chairs we watched quite a performance to music.  In the afternoon another car joined us.  We were all happy to see Diane and Bill.  After and hour and a half ride we had a delicious dinner prepared by the River Rail staff.  It is nice to be able to support our sponsors.  What a fun day with good friends and also some new friends.  Cliff brought his friend Kenny and what a hoot he was. 
Host: Barbara Jaeger

Fly In.jpg
September 22   Ladies Luncheon
A group of 8 ladies met for lunch at The Fox River Brewing Waterfront Restaurant and Brewery. 
The food and visit was great. Then we toured The Paine Art Center and Gardens.  The
display was Walk This way with footwear from the Stuart Weitzman collection of Historic Shoes. 
The museum provided a Docent-led tour about how the Art Center came to be from the
1930’s to today. For those who could stay even for the garden tour she spoke for over 2 hours.
Hosts: Carrie Skovera and Joyce Allen

August 18     Ice Cream Run

The ice cream run that started in July, was shut down by Mother Nature, was reborn in August, almost shut down by a power outage, and finally was successfully completed!  The July date scheduled for the first attempt at this ice cream run was met by horrible storms that promised damaging winds, hail, and the possibility of tornadoes.  Discretion being the better part of valor, we sensibly canceled. We then rescheduled for August 18th.  Mother Nature smiled on  us and gave us a beautiful evening.  A construction team, on the other hand, decided to knock down a couple of power poles and shut off the electricity to the area around Neenah Kohl’s, including the I-41 on and off ramps.  Being the intrepid cruisers that we are the group of 8 corvettes assembled on time in the Kohl’s parking lot.  That was also interesting seeing as the number of cars signed up for the run had dropped to 5 prior to that time.  It’s always good to see people that love to cruise in their corvettes and eat ice cream!

We set off on a country cruise heading west out of Neenah.  The drive took us through a lot of farm country and rolling hills on our way to a delicious creamy destination.  At one point we drove through a forested section of road where the full impact of July’s storm was readily apparent.  Many fallen trees had been cut and removed from the roadway.  It was certainly a good thing we weren’t there in July. 

After an hour and 15 minutes we reached our destination – Kelley Country Creamery, south of Fond du Lac.  Everyone ordered their favorite flavor or other ice cream delight.  We gathered outside to enjoy the ice cream and the companionship of our corvette friends.  As the sun set we said our good-byes and headed back to the Fox valley.  Thus ended another successful, albeit late, Valley Vettes club cruise.


Thanks to all that participated,

Your hosts:

Skip & Debby Loofboro, Mark & Nicole Danke

powder puff 2021.jpg

August 21      Powder Puff Cruise

The day began with handing out goodie bags to all members and guests with secrets inside of them.  We left with 12 very excited vette drivers, not knowing where they were going, but looking forward to a fun day. We had all red and white vehicles in a row   heading to TJ's Harbor for a wonderful lunch with great views.  Rochelle was surprised with a gift from the gals for her upcoming wedding.  Next each person was given a bag to open and to their surprise they found beautiful tote bags of various sizes and colors made by Linda Hutchison.  After playing a dice game of take away or keep we headed toward the water to have a group picture taken.  (Not an easy task)  Back to our cars and off to the last stop at the Blue Bird Boutique in Winneconne.  Now each gal opened their surprise envelope, which was enclosed in beautiful clutches made by Terry Lee, to find out if they were a $10.00 winner of a gift certificate.  Five winners were found, so off to spend and shop for treasures.  We all learned that some gals drive cars but smart gals drive Corvettes.











August 14     10 Chimneys Cruise to Genesee Depot

Five Corvettes took off from Sherwood Saturday morning with blue skies and a few

white puffy clouds.Weather doesn’t usually factor into a successful cruise, but the weather for the

trip to Genesee Depot and the Ten Chimneys National Historic Landmark truly was perfect and

added to the joy of the ride.

The back roads to Theresa proved hilly (Hey, someone can’t count cuz there are more than

7 hills on Seven Hills Road!) and the Wisconsin pastoral scenery with red barns and steep

rolling hills lined with rows of tall tousled corn made me want to break into  singing “My Old

Wisconsin Home.” In Theresa the group stretched their legs and took in a stop at the Confections

For Any Occasion on Milwaukee Street and the famous Widmer’s Cheese Cellars. At the

confectionery, besidesthe almost unending display of penny and novelty candies, one can

purchase many mouth-watering hand-dipped and in-house created chocolate candies. My

personal favorite are the milk chocolate toffees, tossed in almonds, but everyone seemed to

find their own favorite in the tempting candy cases. Have you ever seen a candy-pooping unicorn? Go to Theresa – they do exist. At Widmer’s Cheese Cellar the store is small, but we sure took a big chunk of prize-winning cheese out of that place!  The drive from Theresa to Hubertus took us through a picturesque part of the Kettle Moraine and past the entrance to Kettle Moraine State Park. Once we arrived at Sloppy Joe’s Saloon & Spoon, Chris the Manager, had our food ready for serving. We received first class hospitality and all food orders got “thumbs up” reviews.  On our way to  10 Chimneys we had a beautiful drive down Hwy 83 and along another stretch of the Kettle Moraine Scenic trail. They could name part of that road “the cathedral of trees” too. Once we arrived at 10 Chimneys,  the group suddenly was affected by the atmosphere developed by Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne in the late 1920a and mid  1930s. As evidenced by the group picture, we all took it to heart that “the play is the thing” and got into the spirit of the estate. One can still feel the value that Lunt and Fontanne placed on hospitality. The estate feels like they had just left for the weekend and we were invited to come in and rest awhile.

On the trip back to the Appleton area, some stopped at Kelley Country Creamery for one final indulgence. John and I stopped at Columbia County Park by Pipe to watch the sun set over Lake Winnebago and reflect on a fun cruise with great people.
Hosts:  Cruise Captains – John and Judy Hartl


August 12      Valley Vettes Club Picnic Meeting


July 25         Valley Vette Car Show - Stone Toad
The Valley Vette Car Show with all proceeds going to Children's Hospital, Neenah was held on July 25th with a committtee of  Dave Vanderzanden, Debbie Stitchen, Sue & Kevin Rahn, Sue Meyer and Bill & Barb Jaeger.  Lot's of planning went into the event and with the help of many members from the club it was a huge success with a total of $3,135.00 being raised. It was a very hot hot day but we all stayed hydrated.  Thanks to the guys who  showed up at 7:00 am to help set up and than stayed to take everything down again.  It truly was a team effort,  Great Event!
10 chimney 3.jpg
10 chimney 2.jpg
10 chiminey 1.jpg
Childrens Hospital Check.jpg
ice cream run.jpg

July 21        Ice Cream Run
What a great evening for an Ice Cream run.

We had a total of 8 cars join us for the ride.

We started our journey in Center Valley, then headed west

for a bit, then north on some scenic back roads and then east for about an hour to our final destination in Howard at Zesty’s Frozen Custard.

 Thank you to all that were able to join us.

Hosts: Kevin & Janine Schrimshaw

July 20          Ladies Luncheon

Six ladies gathered at Mr Brews Taphouse(not an easy place to find) for salads, burgers, beer and other beverages.  Had a great visit with inspirational cards and  “Wilmar” candy to finish our meal. Then the majority of us headed off to Aurora’s Apothecary on Richmond street to experience some aromatherapy for our cars, as well as many other new things(hint, hint, watch for info on belly dancing!) Fun was had by all.  Hosted by Susan Meyer

July 12       Black Hills 50th Corvette Classic

The Black Hills Classic Corvette trip started with 13 members leaving together on an adventure.  We stayed in Jackson, MN the first night.  A day of perfect weather and friendships galore.  Bill Peotter,  Diane Stuckrath, John & Darlene Lange, Phil Gross, Dale & Carrie Skovera, Kevin & Sue Rahn, Bob & Marzia Sparling and Bill & Barb Jaeger left in the morning to head to Sioux Falls, SD to meet up with Cindy & Paul Kohler.  Our group was now complete.  Lunch at Jerry's along with entertainment was had.  Kristi Noem, govenor of  South Dakota, also spoke and Phil was so impressed with her.  He later had her picture put on of a T Shirt.  We told him to make a pillow case out of it.  Numerous rides were taken with leaders and beautiful scenes were seen.  All participated in the Poker Run on Friday.  Second stop was Riddles the store that donated 50 diamond necklaces to the Classic Show,  Diane wanted to take a tour of the  plant so we all agreed. The tour was very interesting. Needless to say almost all purchased something from the store,  As the day proceeded we did not think we would make it back to the last stop on time so Bill Peotter said Cannon Ball Run and off we went.  We had to make up 5 minutes so putting the pedal to the metal we made it back to the dealership with one minute to spare. A couple of concerts were at night with the final one being the best ever.  Buffalo's, ram's, prairie dogs and goats were seen by most.  Such beautiful scenery is just undescribable.  The trip was amazing thanks to the wonderful group of people. 


July 11        Wolf River Lodge Car Show

Our members enjoying the warm weather along the banks of the Wolf river.  Even Paul and Monica Fineberg came from Michigan to spend the day with us.  At 3:00PM we cruised to the Pine Tree to have another one of their amazing meals.


July 9            Ladies Luncheon

We started at GingeRootz  for lunch, we played a little poker while we waited and had “Wilmar” candy for dessert. Everyone enjoyed their food , but I think the Crystal Shrimp was the big hit!  7 ladies attended lunch, but only 3 proceeded to The Butterfly Gardens.  We learned about the butterflies and bees, but were not able to go through the maze due to flooding.  Hosted by Susan Meyer

July 8           Valley Vette Club Picnic

Approximately 68 people attended the club Picnic.  We had beautiful  weather and great food.  Shredded beef and BBQ pork sandwiches were served with an array of sides and LOTS of desserts. We had additional prizes of food and a golf umbrella added to the 50/50 drawing which made it a little more fun. Hosted by Susan Meyer, Martin & Yvette Sanpaka and thanks to Gary and Val Sieg who jumped in to help also.  Thanks to everyone for the great dishes brought to share and for the help serving.

June 30           Mystery Dinner Cruise

The final mystery ride was to the Thirsty Perch in Iola, WI. We left Appleton at 5:15PM with 34 people and 18cars. Thanks to Kevin and Sue for being the middle man and Jerry and Jan for bringing up the rear. We all arrived safe at 6:15PM.  We were surprised by having Mark and Darla Beyer and Margie Seis meeting us there.  A wonderful meal was had by all.  A total 37 Valley Vette members and perfect weather for the evening.

June 12            Appleton Flag Day Parade

The weather was great, and the crowd was huge for the 70th annual Appleton Flag Day Parade. The 6 cars in the parade were beautifully decorated and proudly represented the club. The theme of the 70th Flag Day Parade was “Home of the Brave”, honoring our hometown heroes of frontline workers during the pandemic. A special thanks to Pat Murray for supplying our cars with signs to showcase the Hometown Heroes.

We would also like to recognize long time Flag Day Parade participant Dick Rankfor chalking up another year of participation. After the parade, we cruised over to the Outpost in Sherwood for some great food and socializing. A special thanks to the Outpost for taking great care of us. We would like to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to all the people that participated in making this a great event.           

Hosts: Valerie & Gary  

Flag 1.jpg
Flag 2.jpg
Flag 4.jpg
Flag 3.jpg

June 6         Trip Around the Lake 50th Anniversary

Sunday was a sunny, hot, and beautiful day for a ride.  For those of us that started in Neenah we traveled a total of 167 miles.  We left Neenah with 19 cars and traveled to Fond du Lac and was able to stage in two lanes waiting for our turn to start.  With only 13 cars in the two lanes before us, they let our 19 cars follow behind for a total of 32 cars in one group.  The route was changed slightly this year between Fond du Lac and Oshkosh due to road construction by the lake road.  But we wound our way through Oshkosh, Neenah and through Menasha to Waverly Beach where we picked up 3 more cars.  Unfortunately, the 13 cars ahead of us took off without us, so we had no leader from Waverly Beach for the rest of the trip.  So, Bob became the leader for the east side of the trip.  Everything was fine for the first 34 miles, then a left turn was missed.  Quickly it was relayed to the rest of the group to turn left.  Several cars turned around to join the rest, but in the meantime another group of cars started blending in with us.  We all made it safely to Holiday Chevrolet where we waited for raffle and 50/50 drawings to be held.  Terry and Ann Grissman were lucky enough to win a raffle prize.
Our group then lined up for the last part of the trip back to Neenah through some rural roads west of Fond du Lac and Oshkosh.  We saw small towns that some had heard about but never seen before.  After a 41-mile drive, we arrived at Solea Mexican Restaurant in Neenah and had some great Mexican food and conversation after a hot day.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  We had 10 new members participate, so hope you had a great time.  Thanks also to Sue, Barb and Kevin for transmitting information between the front and back of the group when we got spaced far apart.
Hosts:  Bob & Mary Boswell and Kevin & Sue Rahn


June 5      Little Chute Big Cheese Parade

The weather was perfect with a sunny and warm day, which brought a huge crowd for the parade. The 10 club cars excited the crowd during the entire parade route. After the parade, we cruised over to the Outpost Pub & Grill in Sherwood for lunch and socializing. We would like to give a BIG Thank You to all who participated in this event with us. We would also like to thank the Outpost for great tasting food and fantastic service.

Hosts: Valerie & Gary Sieg


May 21        Clintonville Car Show

May 20      Ladies Luncheon
A beautiful day in the neighborhood of College Avenue and Richmond Street in Appleton - namely Good Company.  And yes, it was certainly "good company".  14 beautiful and friendly gals gathered for a wonderful start to this year's Valley Vettes Ladies Luncheon.  As with any group of ladies, the chatter never let up even while we devoured the delicious salads and sandwiches. Dessert was scrumptious for two who indulged.  To make this first event a little more memorable, names were drawn for a variety of door prizes with winners: Sandy Bender, Jane Binder, Barb Jaeger and grand prize to Joyce Allen.   It was a treat to see such smiling faces.  Thank you for your participation.  

Host: Jean Brandt

Surprise Birthday Cruise
Twenty Corvettes staged at Appleton North High

School for a short cruise to Rainbow Park in

Hobart. Along with the great weather, we were

treated with a herd of Buffalo grazing in the

fields as we cruised the quiet back roads. When

we arrived at the park, we were greeted with

rescue, fire trucks and dump trucks along with a

very excited birthday group. The drivers made

three laps around the parking area waving and

making some Corvette noise. Soon after our club headed to Krabbe's Kountry Klub for social and dinner. Thank you for helping make the family's birthday a memorable one.

Hosts: Patrick & Kay Murray

Birthday Cruise.jpg

May 8              Valley Vettes Road Tour Outing

The Valley Vettes Corvette Club kicked off the 2021 season with a road trip from Stoneridge Piggly Wiggly in Kaukauna to Wrightstown. Driving country roads along the Fox River to Green Bay and spent an hour socializing, having refreshments and appetizers at Hinterland Brewery in the Titletown District.  Upon departing Hinterland Brewery, the Valley Vettes Corvette group journeyed to The OutPost in Sherwood for dinner supporting a club sponsor.  Chris Fiedler, owner and operator of The Outpost generously donated three $20 gift certificates which were given away at the dinner event.

Thirty club members, sixteen Corvettes, and twenty four dinner guests attended the event.

Thanks to our Club Sponsor The OutPost (Chris Fiedler) and the Valley Vettes members that attended the event.

Event Hosts:

Sue & Kevin Rahn

Barb & Bill Jaeger

Teresa & James Karls