Past Events 2019

September 19-22    Mid America Funfest

All gathered in the parking lot of Kohl’s at 7:00 AM for our official departure to Effingham.  Donuts were handed out and all were happy.  With plenty of stops and treats given out we arrived in Effingham at about 4:00PM and were greeted by Kevin and Janine with a tent set up for us all to get out of the sun.  It was 89 degrees and very pleasant.  Kevin got us oriented to where things were and off we all went.  Shopping was on the girls minds and surprisingly the guys too.  Soon it was time to head off to our hotel.  After all checking in it was off to supper.  Janine and Kevin had made reservations for us at Mattoon (about a half hour drive) for a 6:00 dinner.  We were all entertained with the most beautiful rainbow with out the rain.  Today was Terry Lee and Marty 50th Anniversary and a toast was made.  The mood was very festive.  A game was played at the table with Kevin Rahn winning $16.00.  His exuberation was outstanding.  After enjoying a delicious dinner we all headed out to look at the lighting that Kevin and Janine had installed on their cars.  After all the oohs and aahs we headed back to our hotel tired and exhausted.

In the morning some of us headed out to Funfest at 8:00 am to partake in the learning sessions, shop, tour the muse and just sit around and enjoy the day.  Bill and Barb had a wind restrictor installed at 10:00 so they were excited.  The day went by fast and at 6:00 we were all fed a wonderful dinner of Chicken with all the trimmings. At 8:00 pm the entertainment started which we all decided to stay by our cars as we were sure we could hear the music.  At around 9:00 most of us headed back to hotel to play a game of LRC for quarters.  All had fun and the hotel clerk made us all nice warm cookies.  We left at 7:30 AM for home.  Our finally stop together was at the Worlds Largest Culvers. 
Safe travel was had by all.

Hosts were Bill and Barb Jaeger

September 7-8    36th Annual Birthday Cruise

We left promptly at 9:00 am for our Birthday Celebration with a total of sixteen cars. We rolled through beautiful Amish country side. Just enjoying perfect weather. At noon we arrived at the Vintage Brewing Company for a delish lunch with our own private dining area. Driving just a few minutes we arrived at Wollersheim Winery.  It felt good to stretch our legs and walk to the winery for some free taste testing. All enjoyed sitting under the pergola visiting and sipping different wines.  When leaving the winery we were told that the roads would get even better and better they did. Curves and hills, or better known as tummy ticklers, were in plenty. We arrived at Ho Chunk Casino early afternoon and each person was given $10.00 reward cards to be spent gambling. After resting or gambling we met in the lobby 5:30 to head out for our supper. Another great meal including dessert was had by all.  So at 7:30 we all headed off to the golf course. Everyone was given a partner to mini golf with and the fun began.   The first ten people seamed to race through the course and turned in their score cards with allot of stories. The last people, we decided, must have partied because it was almost 25 minutes later. Scores were tallied and trophies were handed out and all were smiling. Upon getting back to hotel, some had parties in their rooms, some gambled, some just sat around laughing and some were just to tired.
In the morning we said our good byes to Paul and Monica our new members who had to get back to Michigan. At 9 am we drove to Middleton to go through the Mustard Museum. I think we were all surprised by how many different mustards there are. Next a little drive to Black Earth to the largest shoe store. It wasn’t only women shopping but the men went home with new shoes too. At noon we just drove five minutes down the road to Rookies for lunch. Most people were surprised how much sports memorabilia was in such a small space. Food was great and good byes were said as everyone left on their own. It was a huge success and many great memories were made. 36 was a great year!!!!  Happy Birthday Valley Vettes!!!!

Thanks to Kevin & Sue Rahn, Bill & Barb Jaeger and Sue Meyer.

August 24          Buddy Cruise














The Buddy Cruise left the Stone Toad shortly after 8:30AM with 12 corvettes and 23 attendees.  We took a leisurely cruise up to DePere to the National Railroad Museum.  We encountered the normal Wisconsin road conditions of “Winter or Road Construction” season.  After a minimal delay we arrived at our destination.


We were greeted by the National Railroad Museum staff with special display parking for our corvette entourage.  What followed was an extremely informative guided tour of the museums prize displays.  Two of the trains were the Dwight D. Eisenhower Locomotive and Command Cars and the Union Pacific #4017 - Big Boy.  The  Dwight D. Eisenhower Locomotive and Command Cars were used in World War II as General  Eisenhower’s personal command train.  The Big Boy is a steam locomotive, also from the WWII era used to haul freight across the United States.  We like to consider our corvettes as having  a lot of power but they are dwarfed by the 6200HP produced by the Big Boy!  Weighing in at 1.1 million pounds and measuring nearly half a football field in length, the Big Boy locomotives could haul 5 miles of freight cars over the mountainous regions of Utah and Wyoming.  If you’ve never been to the  National Railroad Museum it is definitely worth the trip!


Our next stop was Sammy’s Pizza for lunch.  The staff at Sammy’s was all ready for our group when we arrived around 12:30PM.  We had a wonderful lunch of salad, subs, and of course pizza. 

No one left hungry and we all enjoyed the food and camaraderie.


Our last stop was for dessert at Paradise Island Grill & Ice Cream back in Appleton.  They have an unbelievable selection of ice cream and frozen yogurt.  Everyone found a flavor to their liking.


The weather was perfect and cars and fellowship were also!  It was a great and educational day spent with our friends from the Valley Vettes Corvette club.  Our thanks to everyone who attended.


Gary Brandt & Skip Loofboro

August 10              Powder Puff Ride


On a beautiful sunny Saturday, we had 19 members and 4 guests take part in the annual Powder Puff Ride. (Unfortunately, Judy Hartl had a car problem on the way to the meeting spot and she and her guest had to cancel)

All participants received a bag of goodies including water, snacks, Kleenex, etc. and the members were given a t-shirt with a saying on the front that read “some girls drive cars and smart girls drive corvettes”!

We left Steins Garden and Gifts shortly after 9am going west on 96!  When we got to Fremont, we expected the bridge to be one lane and that went well.  But, we did not expect the highway to be closed immediately after the bridge.  We took the first left along the river and Barb did some fast checking on her phone to find out how we would now get to Hwy 49.  With only one U-turn involved and a little advice from a pick-up truck driver, we got back on track and all went well.

Our first stop was a pit stop at a KWIK Trip in Waupaca and we asked everyone to put on their T-shirts!  We then left for our next stop at Cottage Garden and Gifts on Hwy 54.  The owners were very helpful in getting us all parked in a small area and we spent an hour looking and buying.

Off to our next destination with convertible tops down and enjoying the sunshine!  We arrived at Sentry World in Stevens Point for lunch at PJ’s!!  Lovely location with flowers in bloom and very nice people to work with.  After lunch, we gathered in a lounge area to draw for door prizes and give little gifts to our guests.  All gathered outside for a photo in the lovely garden area.  Excellent place to go!

We continued our drive through the winding country roads from Stevens Point to Amherst where we stopped for ice cream at King Kone and visited before heading back home.

A very enjoyable day!!!!


Barb Jaeger

Linda Hutchinson

July 20        Breakfast Cruise            

Corvette Cruise for breakfast at Pine Grove in Fremont started awesome!  We had sixteen Vettes and 2 cars traveling in great weather.  As half of our 28 people were served breakfast (it was great) the winds came up, with gust taking tree branches flying in the grey, raining skies.  Then the power went out!  Our cook got creative to serve the rest of our group.  The owner gave a $25.00 gift certificate to a car owner (Ron and Barb Seibel).  We decided the days adventure was to end. Hope you all made it home safe and thanks for sharing the excitement.

P. S.  We got home to power out for the day and the neighbors tree lay against our garage and roof.  No horrible damage.

Joyce and Gary Allen

June 8       Appleton Flag Day Parade

The weather was great, and the crowd was huge for the 69th annual Appleton Flag Day Parade. The 8 cars in the parade were beautifully decorated and proudly represented the club. The featured branch of the service for the parade this year was the U. S Marines. A special thanks to Pat Murray for supplying our cars with signs to showcase the Marines. We would also like to recognize long time Flag Day Parade participant Dick Rank for chalking up another year of participation. After the parade, we cruised over to Waverly Beach to enjoy a beverage and the great weather. After the stop at Waverly Beach we then cruised to Michiels of Menasha for some great food and socializing. A special thanks to Michiels for taking great care of us. We would like to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to all the people that participated in making this a great event.           

Valerie & Gary  

June 2           Trip Around the Lake


On Sunday, June 2, the Valley Vettes participated in the 48th Annual Trip around the Lake, sponsored by the Fond de Vettes.  It was a wonderful warm sunny day for the ride.  Fourteen cars met at Kohl’s parking lot in Neenah at 7:00 a.m. and traveled to Fond du Lac to register and get in line for the 87-mile ride.  We had current club members, new members, people who used to be members, and one person who we didn’t even know.  His son told him about the ride so he came to join us.

There were about 250 cars that participated in this event that staged in the Forest Mall parking lot in Fond du Lac.  One more car joined our group in Fond du Lac as we left the mall parking lot at 9:15 a.m. with 15 cars.  We traveled through Fond du Lac, on to Oshkosh, into Neenah, around the Kimberly Point, through Riverside Park and over the bridge into Menasha on our way to Waverly Beach.

We took a 30-minute pit-stop, picked up 5 more club cars, and the 20 cars continued around the east side of Lake Winnebago back to Fond du Lac.  We parked at Holiday Chevrolet where they were serving shredded pork sandwiches, hamburgers, etc.  At 1:45 p.m., the drawings began with the raffles.  Joyce Allen had a lucky ticket and won a raffle prize.  The 50/50 raised $1,300 but no one from our club was lucky enough to win some of that prize.

Thanks to all the club members who participated in this event, and many thanks to the Fond de Vettes for putting on another great ride, and we look forward to next year’s 49th Annual event.

Hosts:  Bob & Mary Boswell and Kevin & Sue Rahn

June 1              Little Chute Cheese Fest Parade

We were greeted with rain in the morning, but by the time the parade

started the rain stopped. The parade was again very well attended, and

everyone enjoyed seeing our Corvettes. Craig Driessen, the son of the late

Bob Driessen, joined 6 club corvettes for the parade. After the parade, we

cruised over to the Outpost Pub & Grill in Sherwood for lunch and

socializing. We would like to thank all who participated in this event and

a special thanks to Craig Driessen for the great hospitality and allowing

us to meet at his house.  We would also like to thank the Outpost for great

tasting food and fantastic service.

Valerie & Gary

May 18       Dinner Cruise

Our cruise started out with 26 people and drizzling rain. Not too far into the cruise the rain stopped which made the ride much better. After many curvy roads and tunnels of trees we arrived at Nueske’s Meat Market in Wittenberg. They gave us a rave welcome by having our name on the marquee. With lots of meat clerks, it didn’t take us long to make our purchases and head over to the antique school house.  We left to head downtown Wittenberg and view the many murals painted on the business walls. The last mural is being unveiled soon. We than cruised over to Cloverleaf Lakes and had dinner at Lake Aire Supper Club. We met up with four more club members giving us a total of 30. Raffles were won by Greg & Judy Tate, Randy & Linda Hutchison and Dave & Debbie. Laughter, fun and fellowship was had by all.  Special thanks to Kevin, Sue and Dave.

Bill and Barb Jaeger

April 28        Crazy Bowling

We had approximately 20 members showing up.  Most members had

their corvettes on this sunny Sunday.  Names and lanes were drawn. 

We had 16 Krazy bowlers at Rusch Bowling Lanes in Kimberly.  There

were 3 different types of games played.  We Leaster, Scotch Doubles, and

Krazy Bowling with plungers, over mitts, granny style and left/right. 

Made it fun and interesting to watch. Some of the comments made during

play.  I got a gutter ball, but it counts as a strike, the plunger stuck to my

ball, the plunger and ball took off down the lane together, and difficult

using oven mitts.

The winners were:  Leaster winners were Marty G. and Debbie L., Scotch

Doubles were Jerry B. and Sherry, and Krazy Bowling was Gary K. and

Sue M.  Gifts were given out to the winners and door prizes. 

Next we caravanned to Van Ables in Hollandtown for supper. 

Good conversation and a great meal had by all.

Thank you for all who attended.

A special thanks for all who helped to make this event go well since

Lyn could not be here to help.

Gary & Lyn Kaphingst

April 25          Ladies Luncheon

April 25th for a delightful luncheon get-together.  Cheddar's is a made from scratch restaurant with all of us having excellent food.  It may take a bit longer before you eat, but well worth the wait.  Besides all of us ladies had plenty of time to chit-chat.  It was a day not yet meant for corvettes: cloudy/drizzly and cool, yet a day to get out of the house with a fun bunch of women.  Remember to join in the fun next month.

Host: Jean Brandt 

April 20         Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter Dinner Cruise

The first part of Dinner Cruise namely the cruise went spectacularly!  The weather was most definitely Spring like.  The sun was shinning and the temperature was in the mid-60s.  It couldn’t have been better for the nine(9) corvettes  that joined the cruise.  Targas and convertible tops were down to appreciate the beautiful afternoon.  We also had a chase vehicle (tin car) to make sure we didn’t lose anyone along the way.  We took a leisurely drive through the Wisconsin country side and after an hour ended up at the Little Chicago Supper club.

We arrived at 5:00PM and immediately started on social (drinking) hour.  The place was much busier than expected and our 23 club members added to the crowd.  Many spirited conversations that started in the bar moved to the dinning room shortly after 6:00PM.  This is when things took a cloudier direction.  The establishment made the classic mistake of ‘over committing, and under delivering’!  After a visit to the salad bar, which was excellent, we waited 2 hours before our meals were served.  I believe the establishment was not staffed adequately for the large groups they had reservations for.

The club members took the delay mostly with good cheer and friendly conversation.  There was some consolation for the Hutchinson's and Kaphingst’s who each won a $25 gift card.  It was great to get together with the club members and celebrate the beginning of what will continue to be wonderful year for corvettes and good friends.

Thanks to you all for attending the ‘Hello SPRING, goodbye winter Dinner Cruise’.

Skip & Debby Loofboro

March 21         Ladies Luncheon

Another ladies luncheon held on March 21st, that almost felt like spring, was again a wonderful event.   14 ladies, and one-little future corvette enthusiast (Val Sieg’s granddaughter), ventured out in “tin cars” to the WeatherVane in downtown Menasha.  Had the back room all to ourselves which allowed for the chit-chat and laughter that we are known for.  The food and service was excellent.  We want to thank Lyn Kaphingst who originally scheduled this event but was unable to attend.  A very nice venue.  A few ladies trekked down the block after eating to a quaint boutique shop containing unique pieces of clothing and jewelry.  Another nice place to visit again.  Next month, the Ladies Luncheon will be held on Thursday, April 25th at Cheddar’s in Appleton (depending on availability).

Jean Brandt

March 9         Chili Cook Off

It was a wonderful, cozy day for 27 members attending the Chili Cook-off at the Whiting

Boathouse in Neenah.  Everyone got their fill on appetizers before taste testing the 5 chilies

to be judged that included 4 red meat style and 1 white chicken chili.  Terry Lee Garofalo

took the grand prize of a movie night popcorn bucket filled with theater goodies and of c

ourse, a comedy movie. Second and third place winners were Sue (really Kevin) Rahn and

Barb Jaeger, respectively.  The group dined on their favorite chilies along with a salad and

all the fixings followed by a large assortment of desserts.  As it was Marty Garofalo and

Martin Sanpanka’s birthdays on Sunday, we all sang Happy Birthday to the boys towards an early celebration with a birthday cake and cupcakes.  The night continued with a card game and unopened prizes being swapped with other members.  After the third round of swapping, the prizes were opened to discover what was won by each individual.  Some other small games were also played along with the 50/50 raffle netting the Club $23.00.  We wish to thank everyone who assisted in cleaning up so that we could all head home safely as the winter storm had already started with rain/sleet/snow making the roads a bit treacherous.  As many had never been to the Whiting Boathouse previously, next year may hold another adventure to this location.  The social conversation, getting our bellies full with fine foods and enjoying each other’s company made for a fun-filled evening to remember. 

Thanks again to all who participated.

Jean & Gary Brandt

Bob & Mary Boswell

February 15                  Annual Spina Bifida Dance & Fundraiser


Eleven club members participated in the fish fry and about eighteen members attended the Spina Bifida benefit dance, at the Darboy Club,  February 15, 2019. As usual the food and beverages were outstanding and very enjoyable. Our group collected some gift certificate door prizes, but the highlight this year was that Jerry/Diane Blessing’s daughter in law, Kelli Blessing won one of the three Grand Prizes worth $500. Another highlight was that the Aaron Rogers’ autographed helmet, donated by Bergstrom, netted $264, in proceeds, in the "bucket" raffle. This benefit event was very well attended by the community and was a great fundraiser for the local Spina Bifida charity again this year. Hosted by Herb Grube, Dick & Carol Rank.

Herb Grube

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