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Past Events 2023




February 14      Valentine Day Dinner

February 10     Spina Bifida Fundraiser & Dance


January 18      Corvettes and Coffee
Corvettes and Coffee has turned out to be a popular winter event.  

We met at Shellattes in Neenah with17 members. A owner of a 1962 Corvette dropped in to visit and discuss becoming a member.  We might see him at the February meeting.  

We had large private room but offered to share with others so they had a place to sit but they found it a bit noisy with all the chatter and didn’t stick around long. 

Watch for the next date coffees will continue for those of us that winter in Wisconsin.  

Host: Sue Krenz 

Past Events 2022


December 10         Christmas Party

After the social hour, we enjoyed a great meal followed by the awards.  There was a tie for “Member of the Year”  going jointly to Marty & TerryLee Garofalo  and  Gary & Lyn Kaphingst. The evening entertainment was a fun trivia game with some hard Corvette trivia.  The “Stringrays” team won 1st prize.  The “Champions” team won 2nd prize.  The 50/50 drawing was won by Marty Garofalo, who chose to donate his winnings to Saint Joseph’s Food Pantry and with the Clubs half, the check totaled $455.00.    Numerous door prizes were given away. The top 5 door prizes were won by Diane Blessing, John Wagner, Gary Allen, Ilene Carew, and Colleen Meulemans.

Hosted by Joyce Allen, Diane Blessing, Sue Krenz, and Susan Meyer.

November 22            Tin Car Cruise

We had a cold day for our cruise.  We ended at The Rite Place in Green Bay, WI.  There were a total of 5 cars.  No snow while we were on the road.  It was 23 degree’s out, but everyone was early.   Something to do on a lazy Sunday for supper.   The Rite Place had TV’s and a large bar area.  They were full.  We ate in the supper club area, which was quieter.  We all had good food and a good time.  In attendance were Dave Vander Zanden and Debbie, Jerry and Diane Blessing, Judy and Greg Tate, Marty and TerryLee Garofalo, and Gary and Lyn Kaphingst.  Dave and Debbie where guessing that we were going to River Rail in Shiocton, Van Ables of  Hollandtown, and several others as we drove by.  Thanks to everyone who attended.

Hosts: Gary & Lyn Kaphingst

November 17     Corvette and Coffee

We had a great turn out at “il Bar Coffeehouse & Bistro located in Kimberly.  In attendance were:  Teresa & Jim Karls, Jerry & Diane Blessing, Joyce & Gary Allen, Judy & Greg Tate, Dean & Janet Kaul, Sue Krenz, Sue Meyer, Marty Garofalo, and Fred Roden.  Have to try their Flights packages. Judy Tate had a pleasant surprise with her coffee flight.  Besides having ice cream flavored the same as her coffee, she had tart and a mini pie to match each of the flavors.  Sue Meyer had 3 different flavors of coffee in her flight package.  Lot of great conversation.  Plus, we had our own private room that we were not aware of until we arrived this morning.

Host:  Gary and Lyn Kaphingst

Homecoming 1.jpg

September 30     Appleton East Homecoming Parade/Dinner
It begins in mid-August under hot summer sun. For some it lasts through the change of seasons as trees change color and eventually lose leaves. For a few it lasts until temperatures turn cold, and the first snows fill the air. High school football. Friday night lights. Fans cheering their favorite high school team as it competes against neighboring rivals. And so it goes with every high school team in Wisconsin. Homecoming with all its festivities is part of high school every high school experience.

On the last Friday evening in September, our Valley Vette Corvette Club took

part in the Appleton East Homecoming Parade. Eighteen Corvettes provided

rides for eighteen seniors, members of the East Homecoming Court. The

Patriot Band led the way, setting a spirited tone. Fans, friends, and families

lined the streets, cheering and waving as the parade marched by them.

Terrific atmosphere. Many great lifetime memories were made. Afterward

our drivers gathered at Draft Gastropub. We shared stories of the event and

our high school passenger. Good stories, good smiles, good laughs. It was a

great time, a great event.Until next year, when we do it all again.

Hosts Judy and Greg Tate

Homecoming 2.jpg

September 10      Valley Vettes 39th Birthday Party


Thank You! to all 47 members who attended.

I am grateful for my team and all other helpful  members as well.


Sharon Ziegler

Birthday Party

We are celebrating 39 years for our Valley Vettes Club.

The event was held at the Town of Center Hall off of Highway 47 and PP.

This Birthday Party is a BIG THANK YOU to all our members who have helped to make this club what it is.  Without you, there would be no club.

The food and desserts were paid for by the club.  Members as usual brought their own drinks.  There was some water and soda on hand.

Approximately 48 members attended.  It was a cool, rainy day and we still had 6 members drive their corvettes and park in the reserved parking area. 

Our members enjoyed the food was catered by Choice Catering in Neenah, Wisconsin.  It was excellent.  The club provided a strawberry shortcake from Manderfields.  It was so delicious.

Music, a Corvette Car Race, and Marty put together a list of former officers and board members since the club started in 1983 and read each name from 1983 – 2022 provided by Garofalo’s.  Contacted the catering company that provided the meal and history of the club from 1983-2022 with posters, pictures and albums provided by Kaphingst’s. Cake ordered by Sieg’s.  Playing Corvette Bingo with hats as prizes, a Raffle drawing for gift boxes, and appetizers provided by Ziegler’s.

We hope everyone had a great time for a wonderful afternoon and evening event.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who helped with set-up and cleanup of the facility.  Always appreciated.

Your Hosts:  Marty & Terrylee Garofalo, Gary & Lyn Kaphingst, Gary & Val Sieg and Sharon and Greg Ziegler

August 14         Dinner Cruise
It was a cool cloudy morning, but no rain! Thirteen vettes left the Days Inn in Kaukauna and headed North on Hwy 41. Worked our way around Green Bay and then turned East on Hwy 54 then worked our way over to Algoma for a pit stop. We left Algoma and headed North along the lake shore and enjoyed some nice views of Lake Michigan. We cruised into Sturgeon Bay and ended up at Sonny's Italian Kitchen & Pizzeria located next to the old steel bridge near downtown. We enjoyed a pizza, chicken, fettuccine, salad and bread sticks. It was a fun day! Thanks for making the ride with me!
Host: Phil
July 20       All Member Luncheon
Fourteen members who enjoyed the great food and each others company and expressed that they would like to do another all member lunch and return to the Fremont Hotel for the great food with generous portions and very reasonable prices.  

July 17              Valley Vettes Lunch/Ice Cream Cruise

The weather for the cruise was beautiful, sunny skies and temps in the low 80’s.  The original cruise route was not so great.  A last minute drive of the route revealed the other popular opinion of the summer season in Wisconsin – ROAD CONSTRUCTION season!  The first road to exit the valley area had been torn up.  The last part of the route to our destination revealed 7 miles of ‘LOOSE GRAVEL’.  Obviously the bane of corvettes everywhere.  Some fancy footwork avoided the construction and still provided a fantastic drive through the Wisconsin countryside.  The trip showcased the beautiful green fields and interesting country structures.

Nine cars and sixteen club members traveled north and west for one and a half hours (65 miles) to Amherst where lunch and dessert were had.  Our first stop was at the local Subway to pick up sandwiches to take to the Central Waters Brewing Co. for lunch.  This is a popular micro-brewery in Amherst where many specialty beverages are available, especially beer! Conversation and fellowship were also served with lunch.  After lunch we traveled the short distance to King Cone for dessert.  The big problem here was which of the unbelievable ice cream treats to select.  That’s the kind of problem I’ll gladly accept!  The afternoon ended with full bellies, smiles, and warm friendship for the journey home.

 Thanks to the folks that joined in the cruise!

Your hosts:

Debby & Skip Loofboro

Janine & Kevin ‘Jack’ Schrimshaw

July 10   Wolf River Lodge Car Show

We met at the Shell Gas Station on Hwy 96 and CB.  We left for our drive with the sun shining that day and with 12 corvettes and gained 1 corvette along the way.  It was a relaxing drive to Hahn-a-Lula Resort. 

Upon arriving, Ron Seibel had his corvette within a roped off area for us to put our corvettes.  Another 6 corvettes showed up a bit later.  We had a total of 20 corvettes with 38 members attending.  There was enjoyable conversation among members.

The American Legion had the food stand and refreshments set up at Wolf River Lodge for all.  Some members ate there and others ate at Hahn-a-Lula Resort.

We walked and viewed the cars at Hahn-a-Lula Resort parking lot where classic cars were parked.  There were many collector cars, trucks and corvettes for viewing.

Later in the afternoon, we had a band and music.  Jerry Blessing and Phil Gross won gift certificates from the judges.

It was a very relaxing day for all.  There was good conversation, good food, sun shining and fellowship with car enthusiasts.

Gary Kaphingst

June 26    Timber Rattlers Game         

18 members of the Valley Vettes 10 cars. Each of us received a Bobblehead of Corbin Burnes. It was a great time.

A heartfelt THANK YOU to all.


Sharon k Ziegler

Flag 1.jpg
Flag 3.jpg
Flag 2.jpg

June 11              Appleton Flag Day Parade

A little rain during the parade could not dampen the excitement of the 71st annual Flag Day Parade. The crowd was very large and let us know how much they appreciated the corvettes. The 6 cars in the parade proudly represented the club. The theme of the parade was to honor the “Pride of Old Glory” and also the United States Air Force. A special thanks to Pat Murray for supplying our cars with signs to showcase the U.S. Air Force. After the parade, we cruised over to the Outpost Bar and Grill in Sherwood for some great food and socializing. The Outpost again took great care of us. We would like to say a “BIG THANK YOU” to all the people that participated in making this a great event.           

Valerie & Gary  

Flag Day 1.jpg

June 8            N.E.W.S. 

The rain stopped earlier in the afternoon, so we had a nice dry drive.  Everyone met at the Kwik Trip across from Meijer’s.  We had 25 members attending. The sun was shining as we left.  We drove the back roads to Seymour.  Our meal was at the Hotel Seymour.  Thanks to all who attended the run.  Good Company and a great meal.

Gary & Lyn Kaphingst

June 5       Trip Around the Lake  
Well despite the rain we had a great turn out for the trip around the lake, We had 10 cars total that left Neenah on our wet travel to Fond du Lac. When we arrived in Fond du Lac, we were lined up in the first and second rows for take off. After the nice ride around the lake we had some nice conversations at Holiday Automotive with friends. We had 2 lucky winners in our group for the 50/50 raffle and the door prizes. Woo Hoo.

We then proceeded up the back roads  for about an hour cruise to have an early supper at the Bee Hive in Neenah.
Great food, great ride, great friends.
Janine Schrimshaw

IMG_3515 4x5.jpg
IMG_0036 4x5.jpg
IMG_0033 4x5.jpg

June 4         Little Chute Big Cheese Parade

The weather was perfect with a sunny and warm day, which brought a huge crowd for the parade. We welcomed the corvette of the late Bob Driessen back into the parade with his grandson at the wheel and 11 other corvettes. The 12 corvettes excited the crowd during the entire parade route. After the parade, we cruised over to the Outpost Pub & Grill in Sherwood for lunch and socializing. We would like to give a BIG Thank You to all who participated in this event with us. We would also like to thank the Outpost for great tasting food and fantastic service.

Valerie & Gary

May 22              Valley Vettes Poker Run

The weather semi-cooperated as the afternoon was mostly cloudy, temps hovering in the mid-50’s with a brisk (cold) spring wind.  That did not deter the rabid poker players from braving the twists and turns of the challenging route to build a five card stud poker hand.  Fifteen cars, with 29 intrepid poker players, lined up to launch into the grueling, death defying road course.

Now for the reality of the afternoon event!  The cars were sent off, with their first card, at 3 minute intervals to follow a set of written instructions leading to four stops around the valley area.  At each stop, at one of our clubs advertisers, a friendly host/dealer provided another card for the ‘cars’ poker hand.

The route started at The Stone Toad and made stops at:

- Auto Trim Design in Neenah

- The Meat Block in Greenville

- Fox Cities Embroidery in Hortonville

- Plach Automotive in New London

before ending up at River Rail Bar & Grill in Shiocton for dinner.

The event went reasonably well with only a couple of missed turns along the way.  At the end of the drive there was a secret question asked of each arriving car with the goal of winning an extra card for their poker hand.  Unfortunately, no correct answer was given for the question, so the pit boss, me, decided to award everyone an extra card.  Our poker master, Jerry McCarthy, evaluated each of the hands to determine the top three hands to divide up the pot.  First prize went to Kevin(Jack) & Janine Schrimshaw, second to Jerry & Diane Blessing, and third to Greg & Judy Tate.  Each received a gift card to the River Rail.

Everyone eventually arrived at the River Rail for a great meal.  With a group of 37 Valley Vettes members, including the hosts, you know there was plenty of conversation, as well as, beverages flowing.  The River Rail staff did a wonderful job of handling such a large and vociferous group.  There was some good-hearted heckling by the tables that were served last (you know who you are, lol).  I believe there was some suggestion of them being served bread and water.  The bread was excellent by the way! As always at our club events, everyone had a great time spending the afternoon with their Valley Vettes friends driving amazing cars, including one blue bomber that was suspiciously  un-corvette-ish, socializing, drinking, and eating.

So ended the first Valley Vettes driving event of the 2022 season.  May we have many more successful, fun events over the rest of the year.

A special thanks to the co-hosts of this event: John & Judy Hartl, Randy & Linda Hutchinson, Jerry & Jan McCarthy, and my lovely wife, Debby!

 Thank-you to all who attended for making this a fun event,

Skip Loofboro (Pit Boss)

 P.S., For those of you who didn’t win, better luck next time...

May 18         Valley Vettes Ladies luncheon

11:30 seating with 12:00 noon ordering our meals at Angles Restaurant in Appleton WI. We had twelve enjoyable ladies with plenty of laughter to go around the table. There was a delightful visit from some special longtime members of the Valley Vettes Club Dick and Carol Rank,we heard that they eat at the Angel Restaurant often.The service was outstanding.They had us in a semi-portion room off to the side of the building, which worked out great for us. I believe everyone had a good meal with large portions for most of us.Our Sue Meyer treated us with some sweets at the end of our meal. Thank You Sue!

A Big Heartfelt Thanks to Lyn Kaphingst and Joyce Allen who helped in the planning of this event while Greg and I were on our vacation in Aruba.

THANKS, to all of you who made it to this event it made my day!!


Sharon Ziegler

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