Past Events 2020

January 18          Tin Car Dinner Social

The weather was not kind on the morning of the Tin Car Dinner Social.  The end of a January snow storm greeted us with between 5 and 7 inches of the heavy white stuff.  This is Wisconsin so one must be prepared for winter conditions.  The storm was pretty much done by noon so driving conditions were not bad.


Twenty-one hardy souls met at the Otter Creek Sports Bar and Grill around 5PM on Saturday evening.  We started with drinks and lively conversation among our friends from the club.  You can’t get corvette club folks together without corvettes and car trips coming up in conversation.  The “Route 66 drive”, that had been done by a number of club members, was one topic.  I believe there were also some comments about some interesting drink selections (slippery nipple?).


Before the dinners arrived three gift cards for Otter Creek (The OC) were given away.  The Garofalo’s and Phil Gross each won a $25 gift card.  The Boswells won a $10 gift card that had been graciously donated by Sue Meyer.  Once the food arrived the conversations slowed down, slightly.  The special of the day, BBQ Ribs, was ordered by many and well appreciated!  Everyone was pleased with their selections and greasy red fingers.  The new “Thank-you stickers” made their first appearance and were added to everyone bill to show the owner of ‘The OC’ that we appreciate their support of our club.  The evening passed quickly with eating, drinking, and pleasant conversation with good friends.  It ended with hugs, handshakes, add wishes for safe travels home.


I hope everyone has a great February, I’m sure Debby and I will from sunny, warm Florida!  There’s still a chance of seeing many Packer Backers in Florida for Super Bowl, here’s hoping.  We will return to the frozen tundra in March.


Thanks to all who attended the Tin Car Dinner Social.  It was a great time!  Everyone who didn’t attend, think about taking advantage of any opportunities over the winter months to get together with your Valley Vettes Corvette Club friends.



Skip & Debby Loofboro

December 21          Christmas Party

 The Club’s annual holiday party was held at Grand Meridian and attended by

51 members.  We had music, provided by Craig Bruesewitz, before and after

a yummy family style dinner that included chicken Parmesan and stuffed

pork tenderloin.  After dinner and awards, we played a mean game of trivia

that Jerry Blessing put together.  We had six teams of eight and the 1st an 2nd

place teams won gift cards.  The Member(s) of the Year award was also

announced.  This year’s recipients are Kevin & Sue Rahm. For gifts this year,

every lady could pick out a handcrafted wreath and the men received an

imported chocolate bar with a Santa/Corvette wrapper. This year’s silent

auction netted $842 for charity to be split between St Joe’s Food Pantry,

Harbor House and the Neenah Area Humane Society.  The Grand Meridian is

again reserved for the 2020 party on December 12th.  If you missed this party,

mark your calendar.  You missed a good time!

Submitted by Diane Blessing

December 7           Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Eight club members participated in the December 9 bell ringing event at the south

entrance and the west entrance to the Macy’s Store at the Fox River Mall. Shopper

traffic was steady with some shoppers contributing to the red kettle. Due to the

Shopko store closing we had a new venue for this event. After our one hour shift,

we traveled to the Beefeaters British Grill on Evergreen Ave in Appleton for some

good cheer and great food. For next year, we concluded that the Macy’s venue

worked well and everyone appreciated the shorter one hour shift which was more

comfortable for our backs and knees. Again, the bell ringing event was a fun event

to kick off the Christmas season.

Submitted by Herb Grube.   

September 19-22    Mid America Funfest

All gathered in the parking lot of Kohl’s at 7:00 AM for our official departure to Effingham.  Donuts were handed out and all were happy.  With plenty of stops and treats given out we arrived in Effingham at about 4:00PM and were greeted by Kevin and Janine with a tent set up for us all to get out of the sun.  It was 89 degrees and very pleasant.  Kevin got us oriented to where things were and off we all went.  Shopping was on the girls minds and surprisingly the guys too.  Soon it was time to head off to our hotel.  After all checking in it was off to supper.  Janine and Kevin had made reservations for us at Mattoon (about a half hour drive) for a 6:00 dinner.  We were all entertained with the most beautiful rainbow with out the rain.  Today was Terry Lee and Marty 50th Anniversary and a toast was made.  The mood was very festive.  A game was played at the table with Kevin Rahn winning $16.00.  His exuberation was outstanding.  After enjoying a delicious dinner we all headed out to look at the lighting that Kevin and Janine had installed on their cars.  After all the oohs and aahs we headed back to our hotel tired and exhausted.

In the morning some of us headed out to Funfest at 8:00 am to partake in the learning sessions, shop, tour the muse and just sit around and enjoy the day.  Bill and Barb had a wind restrictor installed at 10:00 so they were excited.  The day went by fast and at 6:00 we were all fed a wonderful dinner of Chicken with all the trimmings. At 8:00 pm the entertainment started which we all decided to stay by our cars as we were sure we could hear the music.  At around 9:00 most of us headed back to hotel to play a game of LRC for quarters.  All had fun and the hotel clerk made us all nice warm cookies.  We left at 7:30 AM for home.  Our finally stop together was at the Worlds Largest Culvers. 
Safe travel was had by all.

Hosts were Bill and Barb Jaeger

September 7-8    36th Annual Birthday Cruise

We left promptly at 9:00 am for our Birthday Celebration with a total of sixteen cars. We rolled through beautiful Amish country side. Just enjoying perfect weather. At noon we arrived at the Vintage Brewing Company for a delish lunch with our own private dining area. Driving just a few minutes we arrived at Wollersheim Winery.  It felt good to stretch our legs and walk to the winery for some free taste testing. All enjoyed sitting under the pergola visiting and sipping different wines.  When leaving the winery we were told that the roads would get even better and better they did. Curves and hills, or better known as tummy ticklers, were in plenty. We arrived at Ho Chunk Casino early afternoon and each person was given $10.00 reward cards to be spent gambling. After resting or gambling we met in the lobby 5:30 to head out for our supper. Another great meal including dessert was had by all.  So at 7:30 we all headed off to the golf course. Everyone was given a partner to mini golf with and the fun began.   The first ten people seamed to race through the course and turned in their score cards with allot of stories. The last people, we decided, must have partied because it was almost 25 minutes later. Scores were tallied and trophies were handed out and all were smiling. Upon getting back to hotel, some had parties in their rooms, some gambled, some just sat around laughing and some were just to tired.
In the morning we said our good byes to Paul and Monica our new members who had to get back to Michigan. At 9 am we drove to Middleton to go through the Mustard Museum. I think we were all surprised by how many different mustards there are. Next a little drive to Black Earth to the largest shoe store. It wasn’t only women shopping but the men went home with new shoes too. At noon we just drove five minutes down the road to Rookies for lunch. Most people were surprised how much sports memorabilia was in such a small space. Food was great and good byes were said as everyone left on their own. It was a huge success and many great memories were made. 36 was a great year!!!!  Happy Birthday Valley Vettes!!!!

Thanks to Kevin & Sue Rahn, Bill & Barb Jaeger and Sue Meyer.

August 24          Buddy Cruise














The Buddy Cruise left the Stone Toad shortly after 8:30AM with 12 corvettes and 23 attendees.  We took a leisurely cruise up to DePere to the National Railroad Museum.  We encountered the normal Wisconsin road conditions of “Winter or Road Construction” season.  After a minimal delay we arrived at our destination.


We were greeted by the National Railroad Museum staff with special display parking for our corvette entourage.  What followed was an extremely informative guided tour of the museums prize displays.  Two of the trains were the Dwight D. Eisenhower Locomotive and Command Cars and the Union Pacific #4017 - Big Boy.  The  Dwight D. Eisenhower Locomotive and Command Cars were used in World War II as General  Eisenhower’s personal command train.  The Big Boy is a steam locomotive, also from the WWII era used to haul freight across the United States.  We like to consider our corvettes as having  a lot of power but they are dwarfed by the 6200HP produced by the Big Boy!  Weighing in at 1.1 million pounds and measuring nearly half a football field in length, the Big Boy locomotives could haul 5 miles of freight cars over the mountainous regions of Utah and Wyoming.  If you’ve never been to the  National Railroad Museum it is definitely worth the trip!


Our next stop was Sammy’s Pizza for lunch.  The staff at Sammy’s was all ready for our group when we arrived around 12:30PM.  We had a wonderful lunch of salad, subs, and of course pizza. 

No one left hungry and we all enjoyed the food and camaraderie.


Our last stop was for dessert at Paradise Island Grill & Ice Cream back in Appleton.  They have an unbelievable selection of ice cream and frozen yogurt.  Everyone found a flavor to their liking.


The weather was perfect and cars and fellowship were also!  It was a great and educational day spent with our friends from the Valley Vettes Corvette club.  Our thanks to everyone who attended.


Gary Brandt & Skip Loofboro

Past Events 2019

February 14           Annual Spina Bifida Dance & Fundraiser


Eight club members attended in the dinner & social at the Beefeaters British Grille. Ten members plus extended families participated in the Spina Bifida benefit event, at the Grand Meridian in Appleton, February 14, 2020. Everyone enjoyed the ambiance and good food in the “Hunter’s Lodge” room at Beefeaters. Our group collected several nice items in the bucket raffles: Hillary & Darin won one of Dick Rank’s carved wood artwork pieces; Marty and Terry Lee won a basket of toys/young grandchild items; and Dick & Carol Rank won the three plaques featuring Green Bay quarterbacks; however, our group missed out on the big cash prizes this year.  The Aaron Rogers autographed helmet, donated by Bergstrom, netted $325, in proceeds, in the "bucket" raffles. This benefit event was very well attended by the community and was a great fundraiser for the local Spina Bifida charity again this year. Hosted by Herb & Vi Grube, and Dick & Carol Rank.

Herb Grube

April 18        Valley Vette Members Birthday Drive By

Thank you to all who participated in celebrating Jack Binder’s 78th Birthday today with a great showing of Corvettes and a few “Tin Cars” to round out the parade. We think we had 13 Corvettes and 2 tin cars which made for a block long procession. Passing by Jack’s home in single file, honking and wishing Happy Birthday, not once, but three times, certainly put a smile on Jack’s face and all those around him. For us, it was a wonderful opportunity to add a little surprise and joy to Jack’s day.


I really want to thank Valley Vettes members

who continue to remind me that we are more

than acquaintances, WE ARE GOOD FRIENDS.



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