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Welcome to the Valley Vettes Corvette Club
Established 1983

The purpose of this social club is to promote the
fellowship of Corvette enthusiasts.

Club Events
April 1 Club Dues Are Due!
May 8 Valley Vettes Meeting - Stone Toad
May 10 Spring Kick-Off Cruise
Click on the Club Events page for more details
Other Events 
April 14-15 Sebring HPDE
Apr 23 - Apr 27 Spring Carlisle Collector Car Swap Meet & Corral
April 24-26 National Corvette Museum - Bash
April 27-29 MiM 2nd Annual Tail of the Dragon Tour
May 10 Road America - LAPS
May 14-18 C3 gathering in Appleton-Door County WI
May 16 Menasha High School 7th Annual Car show
May 16-18 SVRA Spring Vintage Weekend - Road America
May 17 Town of Menasha Car Show
May 15-17 ZR-1/C4 Gathering
Click on the Other Events page for more details
Valley Vette News

Tickets for June Sprints in Road America
Ivan Schrodt will again have  $5.00 one day tickets available for The June Sprints.
The tickets can be used for any of the race days.
Please let Ivan know asap if you would like him to pick these up.

Dale Skovera Working Hard On His C2


There is actually a lot of Corvette activity going on locally with this cold hard drawn out winter. Mother nature is keeping the rebuild going strong, and without being able to get outside much the completion is a month ahead of schedule. Not only are things on pace to be present at Goldyear for Bloomington Gold, but plans are made for running the Hot Rod Power Tour! Yes, Iím a little thank full for this winter,
Dale Skovera

From The Parking Lot

It's April and our members have decided that no matter how hard old man winter tried, it could not stop them from planning another exciting year. From what I can see the C7 not only spurred sales for Chevrolet but it also pushed the pedal on used Corvette sales. Several members have pick-up new cars for Spring and our memberís page will be very busy with updates. We have three confirmed new C7s in the club. Two others updated their garages with C6ís. One couple treated their C2 to an update and another has theirs in for a complete overhaul.
Yes, I would say the next club photo will look considerably different than the last one. Moving on to how to enjoy these toys our event page is growing leaps and bounds. Get Krazy and going bowling with the group if you have not you need to try it who knows maybe we will gain some new members again this year at the event. Polish your rides and get prepared as Dona and Phil are hosting a spring cruise. Anyone who has run with these two has found out they know how to pack a lot of fun in a dayís cruise. Surly this will be a great start to the Summer and a warm up for the annual trip around the lake. When that is done you might find time to both enjoy a sprint in June and still have time to parade our flag. Stop for a club picnic then adventure on to an early Michigan Christmas. Hopefully without the snow. Feeling adventurous, you may find time to shoot the rapids, more of a cruise really, but with 500 cars it truly is a great time. Donít forget to listen to the fireman, partake in a parade and frolic in the corn. With all this exercise your Corvette is getting you, may want to waddle down to Browns Lake and caravan to the museum. I know there is a long list
of things to do and plenty of room to add more so if you have an idea and would like to host an event, grab a friend and make plans. Our club will be up to the task and as always, we appreciate anything that lets us enjoy our cars, our friends and our extended family.
I hope this helps shine a little more sun in your Spring.

Sincerely the Blue Convertible in the Corner.

GM pulls a Rabbit out of the hat
Many purchasing new cars were studying this option or that one making sure they ordered the car just right and Bam GM unveils the new Z06 and WOW the choices just get that much harder. Removable roof, super charged engine, wider body, and larger tires with revised air dams. This car is the C7R for the street. Then GM says we know some people buy these to track them and others just to pleasure cruise how we can make that experience better. Low and behold one of GMís engineers and an internet gamer had a brilliant idea. It seems on line video games have track telepathy and car input information displayed right on the screen, now with the new Performance Data Recorder option (PDR) your 2015 Stingray can also have that information recorded and stored on your very own removable SD card.

A screen shot of General Motors Co.'s new Performance Data Recorder for the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. The system has separate modes that allow different data to be displayed.
Photo from http://www.mlive.com/auto/index.ssf/2014/01/2015_chevy_corvette_stingray_t.html

Unlike the black boxes under the seats in most new cars, this information is gathered with the upgraded GPS system, the cars existing computer systems and intergraded with an on board mirror based camera that can store and play back eight hours of information. GM took the standard GPS system and upgraded it to cycle positional information 5 times faster than their existing GPS system. Then they added the car inputs and the camera system and a start stop switch. Arm the start switch at the start finish line and this system will not only record your data but act as a lap counter and record your laps in real time. Then if you care to play this back on youíre in dash video screen it will over lay the GPS track information with your video information and all of the cars speed, gear selection acceleration, braking and steering input. Then if you ask it will give you tips on how to improve your lines, increase your performance and ultimately get around the track faster.
This is like having a ride along professional driving instructor at your beck and call. So you ask your self do I need a ZO6 will I use my Corvette hard enough to justify the Z51 package maybe may be not. So if I donít need those why would I want this? Well in the beginning of the story I noted the eight hours of recordable time on a 32mb card. You can turn on this camera and record your favorite Valley Vett cruise or just that Sunday afternoon ride in the country. You might even deicide to video that trip over the Skyway or down the Dragon that you always wanted to do. Who knows in this world of you never know you may feel you want to record and erase every trip the car takes out of the garage for that just in case moment like google glasses for your Corvette with a twist. This may not be the big performance news that the Z06 was but it could sure go a long way to making a good driver and great driver. For me if I were in the market for a new Corvette this thing would be on the option list right next to the Z51 and the convertible top. I wonder if it comes in blue?

National Corvette Museum News

Last Corvette to Exit The "Hole"
Eight-Speed Auto Confirmed For 2015 Chevy Corvette Stingray
Chevrolet has confirmed that its lightning-fast 8L90 eight-speed automatic introduced on the 2015 Corvette Z06 will also be available on the 2015 Corvette Stingray, when sales of the latter commence this fall (the supercharged Z06 isnít due in showrooms until early next year). The only difference will be unique clutch and torque converter specifications matched to the torque capacity of the Stingrayís naturally aspirated V-8.
Whole story here



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