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New club canner at the National Corvette Museum


Welcome to the Valley Vettes Corvette Club
Established 1983

The purpose of this social club is to promote the
fellowship of Corvette enthusiasts.

148 Members


Club Events
December 1 Tuesday Valley Vettes Board Meeting
December 5 Saturday Salvation Army Bell Ringing
December 10 Thursday Valley Vettes Club Meeting
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Other Events 
Click on the Other Events page for more details
           Just when you thought it was safe to come out. Ok so winter is setting in, our club elections are over and well I find myself sitting to the right of the man himself Mr. Ron Jahnke. I want to take a moment to thank all the outgoing officers for their service, Herb and Sue. Welcome the new officers Bob and myself and thank the existing officers Ron and Karen for one taking the lead and continuing their service.

          December is here and with it the Valley Vettes begins to close yet another great year. From the drop of the ball we took a trip to the P.A.C. a dance with a famous chicken did pass, our very own Steak baked out in the cold ending with a plunger and ball you could not hold. The Ice is now out we joined our cars and a spring cruise to the Waters we go with windows and bars. A stop for some cheese was in order one day before rounding the lake with a lighthouse and Jake. Flags now in the air and cars just a glow, soon there were skates with Ice cream and bows. The Clausenís big show next racing some fish topped off with a cherry wine and a dish. Corvettes headed North with cruising in mind then circled the diamond and tossing the snake. A Firemanís Picnic with free corn and a toast was followed by many with the Tateís as the host. The Crossings were handled with Vettes in their care itís now out to Freemont with a slight twist in the Air headed back to the Toad in parking lot mode. The Heart of the Village show greatly this year in hopes the club birthday surly was near. All petting aside and cats you should fear the High Ground awaits a time to remember, reflect with them here. A Sight out in space with noise and some planes Corvettes littered the runway then a court and some games. A trip towards home is never too late with laughter more giggles and wiggling their feet. The spokes came out early all chilly and dark then off to the shelter and help brighten the night. Food in the bellies and fall in the air may the next bells you hear ringing bring hope and good cheer then itís time to awaken as Christmas is here.

         Thank you for the year that just passed oh my dear. I hope you all smiled and laughed this last year with many good times to remember with friends that are dear. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night as I shut down the computer and turn out my light.

Rob McCarry
Sitting in the right seat I hope you all enjoy the ride.

Valley Vette News

Appleton East Homecoming Parade

Valley Vettes Golf Group
Consider joining the Valley Vette golf group next year.  Here you see Jim, Tom, and Greg surveying the signature 12th hole at Glacier Wood Golf Course.  
The pro told us to keep our heads down when golfing.  
I donít think he wanted us to see him laughing.

Valley Vette Birthday Party
This yearís club birthday party celebration consisted of a pig roast at the Town of Center Hall.
The pig began his preparation for dinner at 10:00am. As the 60 club members arrived, they were greeted with the great aroma of roasting pig. Club members brought a wide range of delicious appetizers which we enjoyed before dinner. We then enjoyed the great taste of not only the pig, but also chicken for dinner at 6:00pm. A special thanks to Patti & Dan Parker for supplying the awesome homemade cake for dessert. After dinner, a raffle was held and many prizes handed out. The
proceeds of $229 from the raffle will go to the Neenah Animal Shelter on behalf of the club. We would also like to thank Gary Kaphingst and Marty Garofalo for the great music and sound system. We sincerely hope everybody who attended the club party had a GREAT time.
Gary & Valerie Sieg and Ron & Karen Jahnke
Stone Toad Car Show


National Corvette Museum News

National Corvette Museum Holds Ribbon Cutting for
Skydome Post Sinkhole Construction
National Corvette Museum

Skydome Sinkhole Ribbon Cutting




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